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About Us

Neoschip Technologies

Neoschip is founded by a group of professionals with motto to provide career opportunities for fresh graduates and aspiring engineers in the field of VLSI, this is achieved by providing best in class VLSI trainings taught by Industry professionals having 15+ years of experience in semiconductor industry.

In present world VLSI Industry is rapidly growing due to advancements in IC design fabrication technology, and also there is growing demand for addressing very complex needs in consumer, medical, space technologies, autonomous vehicle controls and emerging Artificial Intelligence technologies.

Semiconductor Industry heavily focused in meeting these demands to meet today’s world requirements, in India because of availability of young talented engineers these semiconductor companies are establishing their Research and Development centers in various cities across India. Thus bringing unlimited career opportunities to young engineers.

Our Mission

In educational institution a student is taught with fundamental concepts in electronics subjects which help in creating good foundation, and becomes stepping stone for their future endeavors. Today's Semiconductor Industry needs such talented professionals, but with specialized skills in VLSI Technologies to meet the demand of ever growing latest technology advancements.

This is creating gap between aspiring VLSI engineers and in meeting the semiconductor industry requirements. To fill this gap Neoschip Technologies as started its VLSI training programs by involving working VLSI Industry professionals as faculties, and the course curriculum is designed as per Industry requirements, VLSI concepts are taught in practical manner and enabling every students to best utilize their skills through research and development.

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Student Says About Us

Neoschip Technologies is top interms of placements provided to our trained students